Direct Mailing


Would it be beneficial to you to be able to

contact all landowners in

any county or counties of your choosing, that

own 5, 10 , 20... acres of land or more,

to inquire if they have timber they wish to have 

evaluated or harvested? 

If so you may be interested in the direct mailing

postcard service we offer.  

How it works:

1. You choose the county or counties you wish to

have contracted for mailing, and see if they are

still available. ( we do not mail the same

counties for two different companies, for a

period of 6 to 12 month. Therefore counties

already under contract will not be available for a

period of time.)

  2. You choose your minimum acreage criteria

such as 10 , 20  acres or more.  

3. Upon signing of contract there will be a

$750.00 per county deposit paid.,

( to be deducted from the final cost.)

4. I will then supply you with the list of

landowners by county, the list will contain

owner name, city, state, zip, and acreage.  All

lists contain only one record per landowner,

even if an individual may own multiple parcels.

5. I will also supply you with a sample postcard,

full picture front and a sample message for the

back that you can modify in any way you would


6. Once you have gone over the list and crossed

out , or delete any current clients you have, or

names of individuals you wish not to mail to,

you return list to me along with check for

balance of mailing .

7. Once payment is received for balance due we

will have cards printed and mailed out., 

(allow 1 to 2 weeks)


When  the postcards are mailed out we are no

longer involved in the process, we do not collect a

finders fee or receive any of the calls.

 Why it works:

1.  You are contacting thousands of landowners at

one time,

Even the hard to reach out of state landowners.

2. Once calls Start coming in you will have timber

to go look at instead of

going out looking for timber.

3. You will be able to get the "better deals" from

the people that are in a hurry to sell their timber.

4. You will be contacted by people who are trying

to settle up estates, or inheritances.


If interested please call me at 814-591-7581. 

Counties will be sold on first contracted basis.

Thank you,

Shawn Pardee


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